Use a Cloth Pouch To Store Your Spectacles

Use a Cloth Pouch To Store Your Spectacles

There is a large variety of eyeglasses or sunglasses storages available in the market. But the most commonly used storage unit is a microfiber sunglass pouch. Still, there are many people who prefer plastic cases more than microfiber pouches. That’s why today we’ll tell you some rock proof reasons why one should prefer microfiber pouches over other storage units. Here are all those reasons:

Eyeglass pouches are made from high-quality and soft material that is scratch-resistant. Alike those other hard and rough-surfaced storages that cause damage to your spectacle’s glass. A pouch is so soft that you can store your glasses without worrying about scratches. Most of these pouches are crafted from premium cotton. And you already know why cotton is basically famous for? It’s a comfort and soft touch. It’s as squishy as your eyeglass cleaning cloth.

Although, cotton is not the only fiber used in these pouches. Some brands also prefer plastic. However, plastic pouches pollute our environment. So, picking a microfiber sunglass pouch is the best choice.

Lots Of Color Options
Eyeglass pouches are available in lots of color options. Besides, due to their unique shades, they can be used to store spectacles and also some of your precious items. And from precious items, we mean your jewelry pieces, expensive makeup products, and even some electronic items like headphones or earbuds.

You can also introduce these pouches in your business to attract more customers. By printing your brand name and logo on pouches, you can advertise your business with no extra charges. Every time a customer carries your shopping pouch, they’ll act as a portable advertisement. The pouch’s beauty will catch people’s attention and transfer it to your brand info. This way, you can increase your brand awareness and decrease a little bit of your competition.

Supports A Good Cause
People nowadays understand the importance of environmental safety, which has also improved their choices from non-biodegradable things to eco-friendly stuff. That’s why there’s a rapid increase in the demand for recycled and environment-friendly pouches in the past few years. As a business, you should always adopt the change and offer what your customers need. If you still use those cheap plastic pouches, then replace them now. Instead, offer your customers recycled and biodegradable pouches which they love to use in their daily life. By using eco-friendly pouches, you are also contributing towards a good cause. Although the price of eco-friendly pouches may be a little high, they are better than those plastic pouches that’ll take about 60-70 years to diminish.

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